After scheduling an appointment, please print and fill out the appropriate forms for your type of consultation.

All Patients

OHM History Form.pdf OHM History Form.pdf
Size : 319.875 Kb
Type : pdf
Medical Symptoms Questionnaire.pdf Medical Symptoms Questionnaire.pdf
Size : 427.01 Kb
Type : pdf
OHM HIPAA Form.docx OHM HIPAA Form.docx
Size : 56.953 Kb
Type : docx
OHM Patient Consent.docx OHM Patient Consent.docx
Size : 56.303 Kb
Type : docx

 For Acupuncture Patients

OHM Acupuncture Consent.docx OHM Acupuncture Consent.docx
Size : 54.07 Kb
Type : docx

  Homeopathy Patients

OHM Most out of Homeopathy.docx OHM Most out of Homeopathy.docx
Size : 60.714 Kb
Type : docx
OHM Homeopathic Consent.docx OHM Homeopathic Consent.docx
Size : 50.837 Kb
Type : docx